Thursday, October 16, 2008

»» Ikimonogakari - Planetarium

01. Planetarium
02. Happy Smile Again
03. Kaeritakunatta yo (Konnitsuaa!! 2008 LIVE version)
04. Planetarium -Instrumental-

This single was released on October 15th, 2008.

When I first watched Planetarium's PV, I was totally thrilled. The concept was the cutest, and the PV was very well made, even though it didn't seem to be too high-budgeted. The song itself is very Ikimonogakari. Ikimonogakari is a band that has a very distinct sound. I don't know about everyone else, but I can totally tell it's Ikimonogakari when the first 5 seconds of one of their songs are played. That might eventually become a problem, though, since their songs have the tendency to start sounding all the same. Kiyoe Yoshioka's voice is absolutely flawless as usual. I really think she is the best vocalist in the japanese music industry right now. Anyway, the song is very good.

Happy Smile Again is a great b-side. It's not better than Ni Rin Ka or Haruichiban, but it's a great b-side. The chorus is very cute and quite catchy, it gets you singing 'Happy Smile Agaaaain' before you finish listening to the song the first time. It even has kind of a bossa nova feeling to it at times.

Kaeritakunatta yo is one of my favorite Ikimonogakari songs, I was totally in love with it when it came out, and I still listen to it a lot. This live version is absolutely amazing. Kiyoe sings it flawlessly, I almost thought it was the studio version at first, 'cause her voice sounds just perfect, she is really very very talented. I'm totally going to listen to this song a lot in the future.

Overall score: 9.5/10


by Sairo!