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»» Morning Musume - Platinum 9 DISC

02. Resonant Blue
03. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou
04. Take off is now!
05. Naichau Kamo
06. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito
07. Guruguru Jump
08. Mikan
09. Jounetsu no Kiss wo Hitotsu
10. It's You
11. Onna ni Sachi Are
12. Kataomoi no Owari ni
13. Kanashimi Twilight

SONGS starts off very slowly, but then picks up with a little funny instrumental and becomes some kind of funky R'nB song with synth vocals and lines sung in unison. Morning Musume has had quite a few awesome album openers over the years, and this one is really just as awesome as HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN, Genki+ and Nagisa no Sinbad.

Resonant Blue. Period.

Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou is a beautiful ballad. At first I was like 'too bad it's all sung in unison, but now I think that works well with the instrumental and the melody. JunJun and LinLin sing a little bit in chinese in the end, and it's absolutely amazing. LinLin's high note in the end was not breath-taking, but it was sure pretty.

Take off is now! is the song where Ai can be 22 for a minute or two. The song sounds really grown-up and is catchy as hell. I'm definitely burnin' this to a CD and givin' it to my friends, everyone is going to love it. Great vocals, too.

Naichau Kamo is the latest single, and probably the second best off this era. I'm not sure if I should count Kanashimi Twilight as part of this era, since it was released so long ago and was in the 10th Anniversary album, but if you don't count it, Naichau Kamo and Resonant Blue are the two most amazing singles they released in this era.

Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito is Mittsi's solo song. You see, I had high hopes for this one. Aika is my favourite member of Morning Musume right now, and I just loved to know she was getting a solo song. However, the song isn't all that good... It's fun and all, but not too enjoyable, and has almost no replay value. Aika can carry the tune, but doesn't give it much of her own character. Nice try, Aika, but try again some time soon.

Guruguru Jump is definitely a very fun song. LinLin is the funniest MM in the group right now, and Koharu can sound quite interesting when she tries. JunJun also sounds good, but it's a bit awkward to have a 21-year-old singing this kind of song. The song is very catchy, very fun, and doesn't really qualify as a filler track. :)

Mikan is the bad single. But it's awesome. It sold very poorly, but I think it's a greaaaaat single. The melody, the instrumental, the vocals, everything is very endearing about it. It's really a shame it didn't sell well, so probably they aren't going to make a similar song anytime soon.

Jounetsu no Kiss wo Hitotsu is kind of a filler track. I don't really like it. Once again, it's Ai, Reina and Risa.

You see, I love Sayumi Michishige. I absolutely adore her. But I gotta say this, her song is no good. Her voice sounds OK in It's You, which is unexpected (though she did sound good in Yowamushi), but the song itself is absolutely boring. I was really happy when I heard she was going to have a solo song, but this was going to be it, they could have left it out.

Onna ni Sachi Are was the pandas' debut, and it's so fucking awesome. They all sound good, the beat is awesome, and I love the title (Good Luck, Girls). There isn't much to say about it, since it's been around for so long already, so everyone already knows it.

Kataomoi no Owari ni is Eri's solo song. This is probably the best solo song off this album. But it isn't all that awesome either. Eri has proven everyone she is really good, and will carry Morning Musume when the time comes for Ai and Risa to graduate (let's hope that's not very soon). The song sounds a lot like 90's songs, and Eri sounds it in a way that reminds me of Haru Beautiful Everyday, one of my favourite MM songs. The melody is endearing, and Eri seems to have gotten rid of some of her vocal flaws, which is great. Still, it's a bit bland and doesn't stand out much. It's the only solo song I don't skip, though. I'm immensely sorry for Aika.

I don't think I even have to talk about Kanashimi Twilight. Everyone knows it's Yossy's graduation single, and that just couldn't have been bad. The song kicks ass, Aika's solo lines are awesome, the guitar riffs are awesome, the video was awesome, and Yossy is the personification of awesome. We all miss her, that's for sure. There's also Miki, who is great, and is also missed.

I want to say Platinum 9 DISC is a great album, but I'm not so sure. I think it outshines SEXY 8 BEAT, but it relies more on the single tracks than that album. It had 5 absolutely terrific singles, and that might have made me think they'd reaaally raise the bar here, specially after SEXY 8 BEAT had Genki+ and Haru Beautiful Everyday, which are two of the most greatest album tracks MM has ever put out IMO. Platinum 9 DISC has SONGS, Ame no Furanai... and Take of is now!, but they kind of pale in comparison to the singles, which didn't happen in SEXY 8 BEAT, which had Aruiteru to ruin it for everyone. I still think it's a good album, though, and I intend on buying it soon.

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