Friday, March 20, 2009

»» BoA - BoA

01. I Did It for Love ft. Sean Garrett
02. Energetic
03. Did Ya
04. Look Who's Talking
05. Eat You Up
06. Obsessed
07. Touched
08. Scream
09. Girls On Top
10. Dress Off
11. Hypnotic Dancefloor

The girl did it! BoA's debut english album is out, and it's absolutely on fire!

First track is second single, I Did It for Love ft. Sean Garrett. The song, just like all other songs in this album, is very catchy and full of synth. The lyrics are great (it's fun to understand what she's singing for once) and the chorus is the catchiest thing ever! I totally loved it when I first listened to it, and I have yet to grow tired of it. Sean Garrett's vocals are good, though they don't match his image at all xD

Energetic is absolutely awesome, very catchy, I looooooooove the male voice that keep saying 'I feel so energetic don't think I can ever get it' and the beat is totally insane! This is too good!

Did Ya slows down things a bit. It's very bubbly and fun, and her voice isn't so synthed, which is good. Though her english isn't perfect, maybe they should've included a ballad in this album, so people can see she can actually sing. Anyway, back to Did Ya: the chorus is very fun, and the lyrics are also cool. Though I can't really understand everything she's singing.

Look Who's Talking was going to be the album's title song and second single before they switched it to a self-titled album and made I Did It for Love the second single. Honestly, I'm glad they did. This song is ridiculous xD The lyrics are a bit too over the top, I don't think she can really pull this off. As for the song itself, it's ok. The beat is strong and all. Not the best song in the album, definitely.

Everyone already knows Eat You Up, it's been out for quite some time, and it's been loved by many. It failed to make an impact in the US, but it's really good.

Now fasten your seat belts, 'cause Obsessed is next. Man, how am I supposed to review this? This song is perfect! The lyrics are the coolest thing ever, her vocals are perfect, the beats are killing me right now, and whoever produced this deserves a producing Nobel prize.

Touched is weird. It doesn't sound like BoA! And I don't mean the music, 'cause none of these sound particularly like her previous works. It's the vocals! It's not BoA's voice!! I can't really enjoy this song.

Scream is a cover of the Monrose song by the same name. BoA had already covered this in the Anyband project, but it was called Daydream back then. I'm not really used to it yet, 'cause I really love Daydream, but the song is great. I love it when she sings 'It's only you and me and all of your fears'. Juicy.

The english version of Girls On Top doesn't even come close to the original korean version. I think maybe she shouldn't have done it, but maybe it will make new fans go check her previous work. It simply sounds weird to listen to this in english. It's probably awesome to everyone else who didn't know it yet, though.

Dress Off had a great bridge and a great chorus, but in comparison to all the other awesome tracks, it doesn't really stand out.

Hypnotic Dancefloor is pure greatness. This is how you end an album. This song is going to make it big in US clubs, I'm sure. The chorus is crazy, you can't help but dance to it, and her voice sounds quite clear in it. Her pronunciation is also much better than some other moments in the album. Awesome, awesome song.

After this, everyone must have already realized BoA is serious about this American career thing. She totally let go of her usual sound and turned into a dance artist who isn't kidding about making it big in the US. I'm sure that if SM stops screwing around and promotes this album right, it will make quite an impact in the US market.


by Sairo!