Saturday, April 4, 2009

»» She's back!

YUI FTW!!! I fucking hate it when artists go on hiatus. YUI had one, and I thought she'd be gone for at least a year, but she's already back! Yay! Her new song is called again, and it's the opening of the new Full Metal Alchemist anime series, which I have never seen, therefore can't recommend. again, however, is absolutely cracktastic, as Raid would say. Though it's got that same old YUI feel, it's a bit different from all she's done before, with a bit more key changes and all. Though I don't really see enough difference to justify the "re-energizing break" she took. But I'm too happy for her comeback to care too much about that. The single is out on June 3rd (now this is what I call a leak), so make sure you all buy one on YesAsia, or CDJapan or wherever. Welcome back, YUI! We all missed you!


by Sairo!