Friday, June 5, 2009

»» MONKEY MAJIK - Aishiteru

01. Aishiteru
02. robots inc.
03. Aishiteru -DJ Mitsu the Beats remix-

I love MONKEY MAJIK ballads. So when I heard this was going to be a ballad, I was pretty excited. However, when I started listening to Aishiteru, I didn't like it much. It felt a bit too normal, and not very heart-felt. However, there guys never fail to impress me. When it gets to the bridge, you really fall in love with it. The song gets really pretty and just so damn catchy, and the parts with lyrics in english are also pretty nice, though I felt they sounded a bit out of place here. I must admit it's no Akari, but it's still a very solid, very enjoyable ballad.

robots inc. is a faster song. It starts with a cool beat and this catchy electronic sound. The verses are sung in a lower voice than usual, but the chorus is the classic MONKEY MAJIK sound. It's an awesome song, but it kind of screams 'B-SIDE!!!!'. That's not a bad thing at all, I guess, since it is a b-side.

Aishiteru -DJ Mitsu the Beats remix- is a interesting remix. It takes kind of a lounge sound and matches it to the song. It sounds a bit jazzy to me. As usual, I like the original song better, but as far as single remixes go, this is a very good one.

Aishiteru is one more solid effort from MONKEY MAJIK. It'd been almost 10 months since their last release, I was starting to really miss them. I listened to TIME, their last album, like crazy, and I hope they do it again.


by Sairo!