Friday, June 5, 2009

»» school food punishment - futuristic imagination

01. futuristic imagination
02. flat
03. you may crawl -Takku Ishino Remix-

I was just recently introduced to school food punishment by pengie from unchained. I remember I heard a song from them in one of her podcasts, though I'm not 100% about this, but I do remember that wherever it was that I heard a SFP song, I really liked it. I proceeded to download their three indie albums and it was definitely surprise. I'm not much of an indies band listener, but this really caught me off guard. school food punishment sounded so fresh and true that I couldn't help but listen to them nonstop for days. They have now signed with a major label, and released their first single, futuristic imagination.

When I started listening to them, they were already signed, but hadn't released any songs just yet. I listened to the indie albums and thought 'it would be a shame if they lost their sound now that they're signed'. Thankfully, they didn't. futuristic imagination is a school food punishment song, not a song they were told to play by their label. The freshness is there, the crazy instrumental is there, the catchy drums are there. It wouldn't feel out of place at all if it was in Riff-rain, their third (and most amazing) indie album.

flat, the b-side, is much calmer. It doesn't stand out much at first, but the bridge really caught my ear, and the chorus is very original. The instrumental sets a well-defined rhythm(?) and I guess that's a good thing. Right now this is not as good as futuristic imagination, but I can totally see it growing on me very soon.

you may crawl -Takku Ishino Remix- is a repetitive remix of their 2nd indie album's main song. The original song is terribly awesome, but this remix is not. I violently dislike dub mixes, sorry. They should've just included the instrumental version of futuristic imagination instead.

school food punishment's first major single is a very solid effort. They already have a large following, so I guess it won't be much of a problem that their first major single wasn't as ground-breaking as some as their previous songs, like Flow. They're releasing their second major single, butterfly swimmer, on July 22nd. I can't wait to know what it sounds like.


by Sairo!