Saturday, May 9, 2009

»» Ikimonogakari is back!

Ok, this might be old news to everyone else, but unfortunately I just don't know where to look for Ikimonogakari info. I find out they're releasing new stuff when I see the torrent up on jpopsuki. Today, I saw their new music video, Futari, on jpopsuki, so I immediately downloaded it. The video itself isn't too great, and it doesn't even feature Hotaka and Yoshiki, it's just Kiyoe all the time, lots of way too long shots and she doesn't even sing. She stays there waiting for a train, and that's the video. I'm not saying it's not good or anything, but if you're not very much into the band, or doesn't get the point, or some words in the song, you'll find it immensely boring.

The song itself, is exactly what you expect from an Ikimonogakari ballad: pure awesomess. Kiyoe's vocals are as great as usual, the song is very heartfelt, like a new Kaeritakunatta yo, and the chorus is catchy. The song is the theme song of the TBS drama 'Boku no Imouto', and the single comes out on May 27th. Here are the cover and the tracklisting:

01 Futari
02 Blue Bird (LIVE ver.)
03 Kokoro no Hana wo Sakaseyou (LIVE ver.)
04 Futari -Instrumental-

Ikimonogakari is also providing the music for the new Naruto Shippuden opening, it's a new song called 'Hotaru no Hikari', which I thought would be featured in this single. Maybe it's the next single? It's probably a mistake to not release a Naruto Shippuden opening song as a single, 'cause it'd sell a lot.


by Sairo!