Thursday, July 2, 2009

»» The new H!P units!

As we all know by now, there is a H!P album coming out in a few days. It consists of a bunch of old wedding songs sung by all 49 members of H!P. I thought the idea was weird at first, and a bit lame, but I like the way things happened. Right after that announcement, we found out Tsunku was going to recreate a bunch of old H!P units to sing in it. Minimoni, Pucchimoni, ZYX, Biyuuden and Tanpopo, they'd all be back. People started wondering who would be in the groups, and we slowly started to learn some of the members. First of all, it was announced that Fukuda Kanon and LinLin would be in Minimoni. Awesome, right? A few days later, Mano Erina kind of let us know she was going to be in the new Pucchimoni. Okay. So today, the line-ups were announced. Here they are:

Shin Minimoni: LinLin, Fukuda Kanon, Miyamoto Karin and Takeuchi Akari

Well, LinLin and Fukuda Kanon are sure awesome, but I know nothing about the other eggs, so I don't know what to think, really. I guess I'll know when I listen to their song.

Pucchimoni V: Nakajima Saki, Mano Erina, Saho Akari, Takeuchi Akari and Miyamoto Karin

Ok, this kinda sucks. I love NakaSaki, and Mano is certainly growing on me, but what's with putting the same eggs on two groups?! This group is probably going to be very weak, vocally.

ZYX-α: Niigaki Risa and three eggs who have yet to be specified

It's got Risa, so it's got to be awesome. Someone's legs are going to get broken if Takeuchi Akari and Miyamoto Karin are in it.

Zoku・Biyuuden: Michishige Sayumi, JunJun and Sugaya Risako

To hell with vocals, this is going to be awesome!!! Out of all the new line-ups, this one shows the most improvement over the original ones. I was never too fond of the original Biyuuden, but this is quite awesome! Sayu and JunJun are two of my favourite members of H!P, and I've got nothing against Risako. I'm afraid JunJun is going to have to carry this unit all by herself (vocally), and I'm also afraid they're not going to let her. Sayu and Risako are far more popular than her, so... But fuck that, it's just one song! I just it's a slutty song and that they perform it with minuscule outfits in the next H!P concert.

# Tanpopo: Kamei Eri, Mitsui Aika, Kumai Yurina, Okai Chisato

Now this one is totally full of win. I really love everyone in this unit. Eri and Yurina are totally awesome, and Aika and Chisato are my favourite members from their respective groups. I really think they were well chosen and will represent the Tanpopo concept really well. The vocals are also going to be quite good.

Other than those groups, Aa! and High-King are also going to be back, but the line-ups have not changed. I'm pretty excited, 'cause Aa!'s only single was really great, and so was High-King's. The album comes out on July 15th.


by Sairo!