Tuesday, September 29, 2009

»» Kimagure Princess Profile Pics

A new Morning Musume single is in the works, and that means new profile pictures for the group and all the members. Nothing new there, right? Wrong! This time, they really worked it out! I mean, these are easily the best profile pictures I've seen from MM since I started following them. Just check these out:

It's almost flawless! I think Eri and Risa could have done without the hat, but really, everyone else looks absolutely beautiful. The biggest surprises here are JunLin, hands down.

Hair, outfits, everything is working here. LinLin reminds me so much of Chiaki from AAA in this picture. Way to go, UFA! And then there's the pure awesomeness of my favourite MM members, which is more than expected. Here are the profile pics of Aika and Sayu:

I was kind of afraid they were using that concept from the Nine Smile Tour for this single, since Aika's look wasn't really working, but they didn't let me down: she has never looked so amazing (ok, she looked even better in Shouganai, but this is still pretty awesome)! The hat is totally working for her, and I love how she is kind of letting her hair grow long again (or wearing some kind of wig, or extensions, or whatever that is). Sayu, as usual, looks the best. She amazes me so much... How can someone be this perfect? No wonder she's so confident about her looks! She sure is kawaii. I really love what she's wearing, and that thing on her hair is just perfect, real Sayu cuteness there.

You can check everyone else's pictures on Hello!SayuNii, which is where I got these. Koharu's and Ai's pictures are also really nice, but these 4 are the ones I think are the best. I can't wait to see the Kimagure Princess PV, and I hope it's not anything like Nanchatte Renai, 'cause with them wearing these outfits, it would look like the Close-Up Version WHITE of Nanchatte xD


by Sairo!