Friday, November 13, 2009

»» Yuna Ito - Let it Go

01 Let it Go
02 Happy Days
03 Let it Go (Instrumental)
04 Happy Days (Instrumental)

New Yuna Ito single, let's give it a listen. I have not been following her, so I don-- wait. It's Yuna Ito, right? Ok, this is a Younha song. Are you sure it's Yuna Ito? OK, it's official: Yuna Ito is ripping off a Younha song. Seriously, it sounds like Younha and THYME decided to collaborate. And that's actually a great thing! This is quite good! It's no ENDLESS STORY, it's no I'm Here, but it's definitely a very enjoyable tune, something trust you was not. Don't Let it Go (heh, see what I did there?), Yuna, keep this going!!

Whenever I think of the words Happy Days I can't help but think of the Ai Otsuka song. It's so fun... And so is this one :) Definitely a great track, though it kind of loses a bit of its greatness when it hits the chorus, which shouldn't happen in any song at all, but still, it's quite enjoyable. For a Yuna Ito b-side :)

Anyway, the single isn't the best thing since sliced bread, but the a-side is definitely worth it. It's something Yuna hasn't done before, and it sounds great. The last Yuna Ito single I downloaded and actually enjoyed was Koi wa groovyx2 which was both awesome and a huge flop. She released trust you (which sucked and sold 45k copies, go figure), and an album, but I totally missed it. Maybe I'll check it out now :)


by Sairo!