Thursday, January 28, 2010

»» AAA - Heart and Soul

01 Heart and Soul
02 Namida no Kizuna
04 Heart and Soul (ArmySlick's bavtronic mix)
05 Heart and Soul (Instrumental)
06 Namida no Kizuna (Instrumental)

It's finally out! I had never anticipated an AAA release as much as I did for this one. Following their latest trend, they stick to eurobeat with Heart and Soul. And, let's be honest, AAA can't do wrong when they decide to go eurobeat. Just listen to BLOOD on FIRE, Let it Beat!, Champagne Gold (holy crap, Champagne Gold... wow), Red Soul... Anyway, any eurobeat AAA song, they're all awesome. Heart and Soul features Nissy, Naoya, Misako and Chiaki as leads, and they all own it. I'm really happy for Chiaki, she's my favourite member, and she's been getting a crapload of lines in the latest singles (none in Break Down, but there was Summer Revolution, and it got very popular), but I'm a bit sad for Shuta and Shinjiro. They're great too, but even though both Break Down and Hide-away had guys-only songs, they didn't get any lines in them. Basically, the last time they actually sang in an AAA release was in Hajimaru no Kiseki, an album track in depArture. Not fair.

Namida no Kizuna is a girls-only song, and is probably going to be featured in their 5th album, which comes out next month. It's a very pretty ballad, with key changes, and a beautiful melody. This shows very well how much Chiaki has improved as a vocalist. Since the debut, Chiaki is the member that has improved the most out of all of them. I wonder how far Yukari would have gotten hadn't she left the group.

TWO ROADS is a Hidaka solo song. It's a reggaeish song, and he sings is quite well. I don't like how he makes his voice sound a bit too nasal at times, though. Not bad for a b-side. I sincerely hope they don't put this in the album.

The Heart and Soul remix is surprisingly good! The whole arrangement is different, it gives me kind of a BEP's I Gotta Feeling sort of feeling, with the "dreamy" sounds and stuff. I'm not making any sense here, am I? It's really a terrific remix. AAA has never been too big on remixes, but this one is definitely a great one.


by Sairo!