Saturday, January 31, 2009

»» New singles and some hallyu love

2 new singles that were released not long ago, impressed me a lot: Buono!'s and Tohoshinki's Bolero.

While Buono! and I go way back, I was never too fond of Tohoshinki 'til a few months ago, though I knew them ever since they debuted. I had a lot of stuff from them, all of their korean and japanese albums, and always downloaded their singles, but was never a fan, though I always liked a few songs from them. However, one of these days, I decided to play their second Japanese album, Five in the Black, and before I knew, I found myself liking it very much! I've been playing Begin like crazy ever since.

I ended up downloading their last japanese tour, and though their japanese skills seem to be rather weak, they put on an amazing show, with perfect vocals, amazing choreography and barely any lipsynching. It was also good to find out about some great songs who were hidden in singles and not released in any albums, like NO PAIN NO GAIN and Day Moon ~ハルダル~, which are both highlu recommended.

I also got to see how well YunHo dances. Boy, was I blown away by his dancing... He has probably the weakest vocals out of the five, but is by far the best dancer. They're very aware of that, so he has plenty of dance solos. I was also impressed with ChangMin's high notes and cute baby face. xD! Right now I'm listening to all the stuff I had from them and never actually listened to, and I just keep finding new hidden gems.

Back to their new single: Bolero is epic. That's the word. Epic. It starts off very slow and peaceful, with beautiul Junsu vocals, and kind of reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. Random, I know. YooChun kicks in with good vocals, and YunHo joins him creating great harmony. The chorus comes and it's pure JaeJoong + ChangMin greatness. The whole song is beautiful, and it's definitely not the average avex ballad song. No wonder they got their 5th Weekly #1 with this single. It's definitely recommended!

Other songs I recommend from Tohoshinki:
Rising Sun, My Destiny and One from their first japanese album Heart, Mind and Soul, their entire second japanese album Five in the Black, Purple Line, DARKNESS EYES (OMFG WTF IS GOING ON WITH THIS SONG?), Rainbow, SHINE, LAST ANGEL and Love In The Ice from their third album T, recent singles Beautiful you, If...!? and Jumon -MIROTIC-, and b-sides NO PAIN NO GAIN and Day Moon ~ハルダル~ from their Sky and Forever Love singles, respectively.

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