Tuesday, January 13, 2009

»» AAA - Tabidachi no Uta

01. Tabidachi no Uta
02. Mosaic
03. a piece of my word
04. Tabidachi no Uta (TW Departure Mix)
05. Tabidachi no Uta (Instrumental)
06. Mosaic (Instrumental)
07. a piece of my word (Instrumental)

AAA's new single! Yay! I have not mentioned it here before, but AAA is my favorite J-Pop act overall. Though they're quite the manufactured group, they're all very talented, good singers, amazing dancers and awesome overall entertainers. And their new single is called Tabidachi no Uta :)

AAA has always had a crazy releases schedule. When they first started, they released 4 singles in 4 months, and then an album. It flopped a little bit. Then they started releasing singles like crazy, which caused their second album to have 10 single songs and only 3 new songs. For this album, which is their 4th, they only released three singles, and only one of them was a double a-side, and I think it's better this way.

Tabidachi no Uta is a slow song with a catchy chorus. Everyone sings in it but, as usual, Misako, Naoya and Nissy take the lead. It sounds very peaceful, they harmonize well, and there is a rap bit performed by Hidaka, which felt completely out of place in such a slow song. It's really not generic but still manages to be quite catchy, so I guess it's a good a-side.

Mosaic, on the other hand, is very generic. Nissy and Naoya sing almost all of it. It has kind of a disco feel to it, and sounds very cool and enjoyable. But it's very very generic.

a piece of my word is another ballad, but this one is sung by the girls only. Misako's voice sounds really different on this one, but I'm getting used to it. Chiaki's voice sounds awesome, so natural and peaceful. It's really a shame that she gets so little solo lines, she's a great singer. The songs' melody is nice, but not ground-breaking. The chorus is very good.

For me, this single was highly anticipated, since their last single was released back in September. I don't think AAA had ever gone this long without a single release. It was worth the wait, but there is a rumour that they're going to split. Their 4th album's title is 'depArture' and their 2009 tour is called 'A depArture pArty'. They're also releasing a remix album a few weeks after the 4th album. Doesn't is feel like they're about to announce their splitting? I'm starting to get worried...

Overall score: 10/10


by Sairo!