Friday, December 19, 2008

»» HANGRY & ANGRY - Kill me Kiss me

01. Kill me Kiss me
02. Angelia
04. Romantic ni Violence

This mini-album was released on November 19th, 2008.

HANGRY & ANGRY are actually Hitomi Yoshizawa and Rika Ishikawa from Hello!Project. I was quite shocked when the first pictures of this unit came out. Even more shocking is how good their mini-album is.

Kill me Kiss me is very rockish. The line 'Can you hear me now, can you see the bottom of hell?' is very cool. They both sound good in the song, but I guess that's probably because Yossie sings most of it, since Rika isn't the best singer in Hello!Project. While the verses are too catchy, the bridge and the chorus are very good and they really get stuck in your head for some time. The music video for this song was a bit funny, with Rika trying to look like she was playing a guitar, and Yossie trying to look really angry.

Angelia is still rock, but a bit more upbeat than Kill me Kiss me. It reminds me a looooot of t.A.T.u. songs. They could totally sing this. Rika opens the song with ok vocals, then Yossie kicks in with great vocals. The chorus isn't as ground-breaking as you'd expect it to be, but it's good. The rest of the song is kind of predictable, since it doesn't have a bridge or different verses, just the same melody and same chorus. There is a sound of bells and a instrumental bridge that sounds quite cool and fierce. It's amazing how they almost sound like actual rockers.

GIZA GIZA also sounds like t.A.T.u. with those synths and all, but it's not as memorable as Angelia. The melody is very interesting, and the vocals are very good, even Rika sounds good in it. The chorus is very good, but it could be better if they sang it with some more strength. This one does have a bridge, but it's not a good one. The bridge kills the song, actually. Really bad bridge. Oh my god, what a terrible bridge. I'm glad the chorus kicked in again.

Romantic ni Violence starts off a bit slower than all other songs, but when it picks up the pace, it's the fastest one of the bunch. The verses are cool, but the bridge and the chorus are the best. I can feel some H!P influence in the chorus. It sounds awesome :)

WALL FLOWER is the least rock sounding song of the album. It's actually pop, just not H!P pop. It's not very memorable, but it's good. It sounds a bit like Avril Lavigne. It's not memorable at all, not much to say about it...

Overall score: 8/10

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