Thursday, November 6, 2008

»» WaT - 36ºC

01. 36ºC
02. Seishun no Kagayaki
03. 36ºC (Instrumental)
04. Seishun no Kagayaki (Instrumental)
05. Shiosai no Gogo

This single was released on October 29, 2008.

WaT's biggest problem is that their songs are average. You don't really feel like listening to the whole song, most of the times. The only songs by them I actually enjoy a lot are Lucky de Happy, Awaking Emotion 8/5 and TOKIMEKI☆DooBeeDoo. But with 36ºC, that totally changed. As usual, their vocals in the song are very good, though their voices are a bit annoying at times. The chorus is beautifully sung, and the melody is very very pretty. My favourite part of the song has got to be the bridge, 'cause the harmonizing and the melodies are absolutely beautiful, they really give me a feeling of peace and happiness. The song is so nice to listen that it's 5:45 minutes long but you really don't even feel that time passing. I have a feeling the song might be about friendship, 'cause the PV really gives you that feeling.

Seishun no Kagayaki is a little more upbeat that 36ºC and features some synthesized vocals. The melody is somewhat common, but still very pretty. In comparison to 36ºC, this is pretty average, but it's waaaaaay better than most of their singles. The chorus is simple and features nice harmonizing from Wents and Teppei. It's a very enjoyable song.

Shiosai no Gogo was oddly positioned after the Instrumental tracks, and that made me go like 'Oh, it's probably some filler song...'. Oh, have I ever been this wrong about something? The song is absolutely amazing! Totally a-side material, and I really mean it. The melody is probably the catchiest I have ever heard in a WaT song, and it keeps getting better. The verses are beautiful and the chorus is even better. They sing most of the song in unison, which is a good thing, since their strong point is the harmonizing. WaT really gained my interest with this one song.

This single sold a lot more than their last singe, Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World~, which was released back in April. I guess 6 months is what they needed to come up with some new amazing tunes and release this kiiiiillleeeer single.

Overall score: 9.5/10


by Sairo!