Wednesday, October 29, 2008

»» Milky Way - Tan Tan Taan!

01. Tan Tan Taan!
02. Gamusharara
03. Tan Tan Taan! (Instrumental)

This single was released on October 29th, 2008.

Before I start reviewing this single, I'd like to say that even though I really like Milky Way, I absolutely despise Koharu Kusumi. She can't sing to save her life, and she gets way too much attention in H!P, way too many lines in Morning Musume songs, and way too much screen time on their PVs. But incredibly, her solo singles sell more than all the other H!P soloists combined. You really can't understand Japan.

I really like Milky Way. Their first single, Anataboshi, was released right when I was starting to get more into H!P, and it was perfect. Koharu almost sounded decent in it, the song was incredibly fun, and Sansan GOGO, the b-side, is one of my favourite H!P songs to date. So I was very happy when they announced they were going to released another single, 'cause I was thinking it was going to be a one-time thing, like Kira*Pika (which pretty much sucked). So I've been waiting for Tan Tan Taan! for several months. And it was released today. Tan Tan Taan! is no Anataboshi. It's cute, a bit too sugary, but it's H!P, so we already know what to expect. Koharu sounds her worst, but the other girls sound very good in it, and the song is pretty enjoyable. I guess I was expecting too much.

Gamusharara is better than Tan Tan Taan!, but it's no Sansan GOGO. It sounds a bit different from the usual H!P song, it has kind of an angry latin feel to it. No Iroppoi Jirettai, though. Koharu has too many solo lines, and her voice is higher than everyone else's in the chorus, but the sound engineers made it sound quite bearable. It's a decent song :)

Overall score: 8/10. Anataboshi is 12/10, get it if you haven't heard it yet!


by Sairo!